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Chakra Workshop with Maria Anderson

Friday May 6th, 7-9 pm
$40 in advance/$45 at the door

There are seven main energy centers in the body known as the chakras. When we are out of balance in our chakras it creates imbalance in our physical, mental, spiritual & emotional bodies which can manfest in many ways including: addictions, depression, physical pain, resentment, fear, anger, a sense of being “stuck” in our lives and so much more. If we want to find balance, love, peace and freedom in our minds, bodies and lives, we need to start from within.


Please join us for a two-hour restorative and profound journey to help create balance and healing in your life.

We will use many different forms of healing including breath, color therapy, tonal therapy, aromatherapy and hands on reiki healing energy.


Bring your mat, 3 bed pillows, a blanket & something to cover your eyes with (small towel or eye pillow). Maria will have some eye pillows for sale. Dress comfortably. (Perfect excuse to wear your PJs so you can crawl into bed when you get home)


Foam Roller Yoga

Learn the art of self-massage and Let’s ROLL! I will help you fight soreness, boost recovery, and get the body prepped for a workout! Foam rolling is a effective form of self-myofascial release. This class will help loosen muscles and promote mobility, making it a smart , (if occasionally painful) way to up anyone’s fitness game. Bring your mat and roller and let’s Roll our bodies away from pain in this fun and playful class!

Mondays at 4:15 and Thursdays at 10:00

4639 Carmel Mountain Rd. #102 San Diego CA 92130

858 - 461- 0980

When you inhale you are taking in the strength of the universe, when you exhale it represents the service you are giving to the world
-B.K.S. Iyengar